2015 - Grant Award £1000

With the help of Seachangers, Newquay Marine Group will develop and deliver a pilot project to work within public outreach and business to business relationships. The two parts will include:

  •  The development of a marine education programme: recruiting and training beach rangers to engage and educate the public on the wonders of the ocean and the problem of marine litter.
  • Establishing relationships with businesses in town through market research in the hope of reducing litter and encouraging the use of sustainable packaging.


2014 - Grant award £500

Newquay Marine Group is a community action group passionate about protecting the marine environment. Support from Sea-Changers has allowed the group to engage the local community with marine issues through a programme of free public events, activities and information-sharing. Events so far this year have included educational boat trips, a night at the Blue Reef Aquarium, a ‘flash mob’ beach clean campaign and an interactive shore lab for local festivals.

The group’s focus for 2014 is on data-collection and best-evidencing the case for the proposed Marine Conservation Zone in the Newquay area. Sea-Changers grant money has been used for training and capacity-building group members to be able do this as effectively and accurately as possible and to share information and help build stewardship with the local community. Regular dive/ intertidal and shore surveys run every month from April- October. New biotopes and priority specie records for stalked-jellies and giant blennys have already been recorded, verified and submitted from the Newquay area for the first time- all adding to the understanding and need to protect this beautiful environment for the future.

Further events including: rock pool rambles, beach clean ups, attendance at the Boardmaster and Fish festivals, plus development of leaflets and materials for on-going campaigns are planned throughout the year.

"Thanks Sea-Changers for your essential and valued support!"

2013 - Grant award £460

Newquay Marine Group

Newquay Marine Group events including: rock pool rambles ups, attendance at the Fish Festival, and development of leaflets and materials for on-going campaigns encouraging local retailers to use more biodegradable items and reduce single-use plastics. with local schools, beach clean 

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