The National Lobster Hatchery (NLH) is a marine conservation, research and education charity.   Their aim is to conserve vulnerable lobster populations, preserve marine biodiversity and help safeguard our fragile marine environment, inshore fishing industry and coastal communities.


2014 - Grant Awarded £499

In December 2014 Sea-Changers funded the next print run of ‘Claude gets his Claws’; a children’s book that has already proved to be a useful educational resource for the National Lobster Hatchery’s charitable work in conserving Cornish lobsters.

As part of the National Lobster Hatchery’s educational activities it was decided that they needed an education resource for  younger visitors to explain what the charity does and the importance of sustainable fisheries.  They decided to publish their own children’s book and the profits could feed back into the lobster stock enhancement programme.

In 2011 NLH finally had the finished product that they hope will engage the next generation to be passionate about the future of our oceans.

The book is all about Claude, a wild Cornish lobster, who starts life as an egg on the underside of his mum’s tail with his 4,000 brothers and sisters.  The mother lobster gets caught in a lobster pot and brought to the National Lobster Hatchery where her young can hatch away from predation and the baby lobsters are nurtured through their most vulnerable stage of their life cycle and released back into the wild.  The illustrations are absolutely beautiful and bring the story to life. To visit the Claude's website click here


2013 - Grant Awarded £836

In Spring 2013 Sea-Changers awarded the NHL a grant of £836 towards their Lobster Conservation Project. The NLH operate an innovative stock enhancement program which involves raising lobsters through their most vulnerable stages, then releasing them back into the wild when they have a better chance of natural survival. The project is adding additional stock to our existing lobster populations while helping us to understand how to effectively re-stock a fishery should it experience population collapse.

To date the charity has released over 100,000 lobsters and studies show survival rates to be very high. The grant provided by Sea-Changers will help fund vital components required to ensure healthy larval and juvenile rearing and the ultimate success of the NLH re-stocking project. These include regular water tests, to ensure the systems have the appropriate chemical and physical quantities for optimal survival rates and food for maternal brood-stock whilst they are at the hatchery. By supporting the NLH, Sea-Changers are playing a significant part in a project that is ultimately contributing to the future health and sustainability of the world's oceans.

Clare Stanley, business development officer for The National Lobster Hatchery had this to say “The work of the NLH is incredibly important, however it is a constant challenge to raise the funds required to continue and advance our work. Without the support of organisations like Sea-Changers our ability to deliver our conservation, research and education outputs would be greatly reduced.  We are extremely grateful to Sea-Changers for their generous donation which will help reduce the financial burden for this season. It means a great deal to the NLH to know Sea-Changers appreciate and support the work we do here”.

 Rachel Lopata, Co-Founder of Sea-Changers’ said: It is great that we can continue to support the work of The National Lobster Hatchery. We love their approach to marine conservation. They work closely with local fishermen to create a sustainable solution to preserve the lobster  population in Cornwall in a way that works for everyone.”

 2012 -  Grant Awarded £500

Sea-changers, have donated £500 towards the costs of larval food for the National Lobster Hatchery (NLH) in 2012.  The NLH is likely to spend approximately £1,000 on food this year and this donation has reduced the financial burden considerably for this season.

General Manager of the National Lobster Hatchery, Dominic Boothroyd had this to say “There are a great many costs associated with our work and unfortunately our visitor centre does not generate sufficient income to cover all of these.  Without the support of organisations like
Sea-changers our ability to deliver our conservation, research and education outputs would be greatly reduced.  Thank you Sea-changers for supporting our work and for believing in what we do”

Rachel Lopata, Co-Founder of Sea-Changers’ said: “It is great that our very first grant is for the National Lobster Hatchery. It is exactly the kind of innovative marine conservation project that Sea-Changers has been set up to fund. They work closely with local fishermen to create a sustainable solution to preserve the lobster population in Cornwall in a way that works for everyone.”

Sea-Changers Present Cheque (L-R Maya Plass (patron) Rachel Lopata and Helen Webb (Co-Founder) Dominic Boothroyd (General Manager NLH)

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