2017 - Grant Award - £500

Plop! Is a childrens theatre show that began as a piece of self-funded theatre in the local library, inspired by the trip of a lifetime. In 2015 I joined a team of women sailing across the Atlantic. I went on this journey in order to see for myself the effects of ocean plastic pollution.

EXXpedition invited me to join the Atlantic team, as I understand the language of children. It was hoped that I could spread the message of ocean plastic pollution far and wide.

We now have a piece of tour ready theatre that can perform in schools, theaters, village halls and festivals spreading a hopeful message of ocean care.

Sea-Changers have funded a recording of Plop! In the ocean, to create a film of the Plop performance This is in order to immortalize the performance and increase its reach from the local to the national, and possibly global. We will be able to send it to anyone interested in hosting the show and also to put it up on social media for all to see. Thank you Sea Changers!

Dress rehearsals of Plop!

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