2014 - Grant Awarded - £706.80 

The Manx Wildlife Trust is the principal voluntary nature conservation body on the Isle of Man with concern for land, sea and fresh water environments.  The Trust is keen to raise awareness of marine invasive non-native species on the Island and to educate local divers and the general public about the issues associated with their introduction.

Marine invasive non-native species are costing millions of pounds worth of clean-up and removal programmes all around the British Isles and the wider world; they tend to be fast growing and can smother and/or out-compete our native species for space and food, limiting diversity and changing habitats.

The grant received from Sea-Changers is to be used to produce an identification guide to help people recognise the species of concern, including those already found on the Island and others that may arrive in the future.  Information gathered will be fed back to the Manx Wildlife Trust so that the charity may keep track of existing marine invasive non-native species and their spread, gain awareness of new species and develop a suitable strategy for response, whether that be to do nothing, monitor or remove the species before they become too well established.

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