2016 - Grant Award - £500

In the North West, the Irish Sea has often been misrepresented as muddy and lifeless. It is, in fact, a hugely important area for both humans and wildlife and those muddy waters have an incredible amount of biodiversity beneath the surface.  Consequently, the ‘Our Irish Sea’ project aims to inspire and engage people with our marine environment and raise awareness of the threats it faces. We are helping local people to experience their marine and coastal environment by running a diverse range of activities from taking local schools out onto the shore for Beach Schools, beachcombing events, and rockpooling, to delving below the sandy surface to uncover our sand and mud dwelling species. We are also exploring ways in which people can volunteer with us, harnessing their enthusiasm for the marine environment and enabling the project to reach a wider audience. We are carrying out Shoresearches, to record both our sandy shore species and the vast array of marine life that washes up on the strandline, and Seawatches to record the larger marine fauna spotted in the Irish Sea. We aim to uncover some of the mysteries of the Irish Sea whilst inspiring new generations to get involved in protecting our fascinating marine wildlife.

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