2017 - Grant Award - £600

Seasearch is a project led nationally by the Marine Conservation Society and delivered locally in Kent by Kent Wildlife Trust. It gives volunteer recreational divers the opportunity to learn more about what they are seeing underwater and get involved in helping to protect the marine environment.

This Sea-Changers grant will help by subsidising two days diving in existing or recommended Marine Conservation Zones around Kent and therefore enable qualified volunteer Seasearch divers to record the habitats and animals that live there. The collection of this data is crucial in developing our understanding of marine habitats and increasing our knowledge of the species that depend upon them. The divers will specifically be looking for evidence of features of conservation interest to support the designation of new Marine Conservation Zones and to inform the management of existing Marine Conservation Zones. Divers who take part in this are volunteers and the money provided by Sea-Changers will contribute to the cost of hiring the boat to take the divers safely to and from the dive sites.

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