Use eBay Everyday to Raise Funds for the Sea

Selling on eBay gives you a great opportunity to raise money for Sea-Changers is a quick and easy way and it needn’t cost you a penny.

Making Sea-Changers your Favourite

If you buy or sell on eBay or have an eBay shop you have the opportunity to raise money for UK marine conservation without it costing you a penny. By making Sea-Changers your favourite charity on eBay, every time you sell on eBay your buyer will be asked if they would like to make a small donation to Sea-Changers. It is a great way to show your customers you care about the sea.  It is also a way to raise awareness of Sea-Changers with your buyers as well as offering them an easy way to make a big difference to UK seas. Every penny your buyers donate goes directly to UK marine conservation projects. Making us your favourite will also prompt you to donate when you buy an item on eBay so you can make a small donation if you would like to.
To Set this up follow these simple steps:
  • Log into your account.
  • Under your account, click on Donation Account Tab.
  • Search for Sea Changers ad you will be taken to the eBay for Charity page.
  • Search again for Sea-Changers and when our page pops up click the button 'Favourites' 
  • And away you go...

List and Item for Sea-Changers

Anyone selling on eBay can list an eBay for Charity item and donate a percentage to charity.
  • The seller lists an item as normal (using 'Advanced Sell'), choosing a charity and the % to donate.
  • The item sells. The seller receives payment from the buyer (and a matching % fee credit from eBay.)
  • Paypal Giving Fund (Formerly Mission Fish)  collects the donation from the seller. The payment method on file with eBay is used unless the seller has chosen otherwise.
  • If the seller ticked the Gift Aid box, Paypal Giving Fund claims Gift Aid for the charity.
  • After a short period to ensure all has gone through successfully, the donation and Gift Aid is transferred to the chosen charity (minus a small deduction to cover administrative costs incurred by Paypal Giving Fund).

For full guidelines on Selling for charity click here. To watch the guidance video click here.


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