Surfers experience and see the pollution in UK waters first hand and organisations such as Surfers Against Sewage (SAS) are doing a great job in working to address some of the issues that surfers, and the oceans, face. So, if you are wondering about how to be a surfing Sea-Changer, checking out the work of our friends at SAS is a good place to start. But you might also want to look at the following ideas:  

  • Recommend Sea-Changers to your favourite surf company and ask them to become Sea-Changers Business. Or tell us about them and we will get in touch.

  • After a great day’s surfing text donate text SEAS10£1 to 70070 and donate to UK based marine conservation projects via Sea-Changers. Or, if you can afford it, make it SEAS10£5.

  • Talk to  other surfers about Sea-Changers and give out our information cards or text donation cards, (available from Sea-Changers, on request).

  • Get involved in SAS beach cleans that take place regularly around the UK. Or simply take a bag to the beach every time you go surfing and fill it with any rubbish you find.

  • Subscribe to the Sewage Alert Service.

  • Report any sewage overflows to Surfers Against Sewage and the Environment Agency.

  • Become an eagle eyed surfer and report any sightings of whales or dolphins to organisations such as the SeaWatch Foundation.

  • Avoid wearing sun tan lotions/products that are non-organic/toxic and adding to the pollution in the sea.

  • Check out the Surfrider Foundation and their ’Keepers of the Coast’ programme. This aims to fight against all sorts of problems caused to the coastline by pollution, erosion as well as irresponsible construction. The "Keepers of the Coast" programme gives everyone an opportunity to protect the coastline in their own area.

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