Divers have the privilege to see the wonders of the oceans. More than most people, divers are also witnessing the changes in the seas first hand: less fish, damage to coral reefs, less large predators such as sharks or tuna, underwater rubbish, and pollution in the water. Year on year, divers are seeing the deterioration in the underwater environment. Though it can feel depressing, there are lots of small actions that divers can take that can make a difference to the marine environment. Here’s how you can be a sea-changer, if you scuba dive.

• Recommend Sea-Changers to your favourite dive operator / supplier and    ask them to become a Sea-Changers Business. We can provide you with information booklets and materials to    give to them to explain what we do.        Or, just tell us about them and we will    contact them directly.

• Dive responsibly. Diving can impact on the environment but there are some    simple steps we can take to ensure we keep our impact low. Project Aware Foundation have a great fact sheet you can check out. Areas to consider include:

• Be aware of your body and equipment placement when diving.
• Keep your dive skills sharp through continuing education.
• Consider how your interactions affect aquatic life.
• Understand and respect underwater life.
• Report disturbances or destruction.
• Don’t collect shells/marine life when diving.
• Get involved in local environmental activities.

• Learn about the oceans and the issues that affect them. The more we understand the seas, the more we can identify action that will help to ensure their future health. 

• Research dive operators and don't dive with those that disturb or harass wildlife look for an active commitment to the local sea environment.

• Get involved in organised underwater rubbish clean ups or collect a bag of rubbish every time you dive.

• Ask your dive club to become a Sea-Changers supporter and distribute our text donation cards and information postcards to all members.

• Talk to fellow divers about your marine concerns and share ideas about actions you can take to address these, including being a Sea-Changers supporter. Share your thoughts and photos on our Facebook pages and help to create a greater awareness about what is going on under the water.

• After very dive text SEAS10£1 to 70070 and donate £1 to UK based marine conservation projects. Or, if you can afford it, make it SEAS10£5.

• Get stuck in to some practical marine conservation. Organisations such as Coral Cay Trust offer some great opportunities to travel, learn and undertake some really valuable and practical marine conservation work. -  win/win/win!

Finally, why not download our Facebook Dive Banners and show your support for Sea-Changers and raise awareness of our work. Just click on the images below:


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