How to be a Sea-Changer

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All of the money raised by Sea Changers goes to help the marine environment. It couldn’t be easier for you to help us build up a much needed cash pot for great projects in the UK and elsewhere. You could:

  • Add a ‘donate’ button to your website
  • Donate a prize of gifts or experiences which we can auction
  • Promote Sea Changers to your customers, including making a donation on their behalf

Quite apart from helping us to raise funds you can take some practical actions in your business which will have a positive impact on the marine environment.

  • Every unit of energy saved means a step back from the harmful impacts of climate change.
  • Every drop of oil not spilt means lowering the levels of toxic chemicals in the water.
  • Every hull well maintained means the threat from invasive non-native species is limited.

Why be a Sea Changer?

Here at Sea Changers we are not idealistic hippies dreaming of a better tomorrow for the sake of the fish – well ok perhaps some of the time we are – but the rest of the time we realise you have a business to run. You may want to change the environment for the better just because you care but you may also want some hard facts about the business advantages of going green too.

Be a Sea Changer Business

We want you to be able to tell your customers about your environmental commitments. It will give your business credibility, help protect you from various environmental risks and it will make sure your customers’ have confidence that you are looking after the seas they enjoy so much. Download our FREE ‘Environment Policy Guide’ which you can adapt to reflect your own priorities.

Make sure you send us a copy of your environment policy or accreditation (eg Wise Scheme, Green Dragon, TYHA 5 Gold Anchors or similar) so we can help you promote your good work.

Top money (and environment) saving facts

Basic energy and water saving measures can save 10-20%. A 20% cut in energy use equates to 5% increase in sales.

  • Regular servicing of essential kit such as heating boilers and vehicles will save around between 10 and 30% of their running costs.
  • Reduce the temperature in your buildings by 1°C and cut your heating bills by 10%.
  • You pay for waste by volume rather than weight, cut costs dramatically by recycling more, especially bulky things like paper, glass and cardboard. It is always cheaper as it doesn’t incur landfill tax.

We have no intention of repeating all the environmental information already out there so let us simply point you in the right direction for good advice and support for eco-projects and environmental improvements in your business:

British Marine Federation – Environmental updates and guidance.

Carbon Trust – A range of excellent business tools.

Guidance from the Government on a range of environmental issues, user friendly guidance – for users in N Ireland and Scotland  and in England and Wales.


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