The seas we love are under threat

As divers we know the underwater environment is a beautiful place to be. But more and more we are also seeing first hand some of the problems the sea is increasingly facing including increasing pollution and rubbish, degradation of corals and reefs, and decline in fish numbers.

Sea-Changers is a marine conservation charity working hard to address some of the threats the sea faces by raising thousands of pounds for grassroots and community based marine conservation projects in the UK. We work with marine businesses and their customers to find ways they can help us raise funds for our under threat seas. Every penny raised through our Sea-Changer businesses goes directly to projects that help the seas.


It’s Official - Divers want to help

In 2012 we conducted a significant survey amongst the dive community to find out their views about the threats facing the seas and if they were prepared to do anything to help.  Three points stood out:

  • When asked how concerned they are about marine issues, almost all survey respondents described themselves as ‘very or quite concerned’.
  • Divers were keen to support businesses that are giving something back to the marine environment ,and
  • 78% of divers would be prepared to pay a small donation towards marine conservation each time they dive.


Can you help?

We would like to invite you to join our growing community of Sea-Changer businesses and help raise money for sea-changing projects. Below are 3 simple ways you might like to consider.


  • Tank Top Up Scheme

Sea-Changers had developed our ‘Tank Top Up Scheme’. It’s a simple approach where divers can donate a 10p levy per air fill or tank they have whilst diving with your dive outfit. So if they hire ten tanks they can choose to donate one pound or one euro to Sea-Changers. You collect this money and hand it back to Sea-Changers. We will provide your dive centre with a dive log stamp so those customers who participate can record their support for UK seas in their dive log books. 


  • Opt In Scheme

A customer buys a significant new piece of dive kit, pays for their dive course, or buys some guided dives.  An optional small donation to Sea-Changers can be added to their bill with the customers agreement. You collect this money and hands it back to Sea-Changers.


  • Text Card Distribution

You give out our text donation cards or information postcards to every customer and encourage them to text a small donation when they have had a great dive.

As a thank you to all those who donate they can receive a  log book stamp to remind them that they are sea-changers and have contribute to marine conservation in a direct way.

If you are interested in helping the seas, please get in touch with us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by calling 07909 897867. We will find the most appropriate way for your to work with us and make a difference to the environment we all love.



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