There are lots of ways in which you can support our work and be a Sea-Changer and lots of them you can do right now, from the comfort of your home with a couple of clicks of your mouse:

  • Email your favourite dive, sailing cruise or surf company and ask them to become Sea-Changers Business.    Or tell us about your local marine retailer and we will get in touch with them.
  • Tweet, blog, talk, message, post, shout, gossip, share, write about everyone and anyone.
  • Donate money towards Sea-Changers' operational  costs. Sea-Changers is run by volunteers  and through donations.
  • Be a super supporter - undertake a sponsored event for Sea-Changers this year.  Swim, run, bike ride, parachute jump, walk, knit, bungee jump, bake, surf, sail, coffee morning  etc  and raise funds for Sea-Changers work. If you want a fundraising pack get in touch.
  • Raise money for Sea-Changers whilst doing your Shopping online
  • Raise money for Sea-Changers whilst searching online
  • Recycle with Recycle for Charity. This is an easy way to raise money for us by recycling your old phone, inkjet cartridges, laser/toner cartridges. Registering is really quick and simple or we can send you recycling envelopes so do get in touch.

Finally, consider your own impact on the marine environment. There are  many small things we can all do, day to day that will have a big impact on the marine environment. Contact us for more information or ideas or read our Blogs, or the other pages in the 'How To Help' section.

If every one of you could commit to one or more of these actions this year it would be fantastic. We need you. We want all those who love the sea to get involved and become a Sea-Changer.


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