Before you go

  • Recommend Sea-Changers to your holiday, dive, sailing, cruise or surf company and ask them to become Sea-Changers Business. Or tell us about them and we will get in touch with them.

Booking your Trip

  • Book your tickets via easyfundraising and raise money to fund our work with your ticket purchase:

Consider the environment when planning your trip:

  • Book through a travel agency that considers responsible tourism and/or is a Sea-Changer business.

  • Research green travel options.

While you are Away

  • Don't dispose of litter in the sea or beach (or anywhere else other than a bin). Turtles mistake clear plastic waste for jellyfish and can die if they eat it.

  • Don't drive motorised vehicles on the beach. Compacted sand makes it hard for turtles to dig nests.

  • If you are planning a sea trip, research marine tour operators and don't use those that disturb or harass wildlife.

  • Avoid restaurants that serve undersized crabs and lobsters as this contributes to the species' demise. Ask the restaurant if the fish they are serving is sustainable. If you want more information on restaurants that are already serving sustainable fish visit Fish to Fork.

  • Don't buy shells or other marine products as this encourages the destruction of the beaches and reefs. Empty shells provide homes for hermit crabs and some fish.

  • Don't remove, damage or touch corals. They are living organisms that take years to grow and support many species.

  • Avoid wearing sun tan lotions/products that are non-organic/toxic.

  • Enjoy a walk along the beach. Be inspired by it, remind yourself how fantastic the ocean makes you feel….and make sure you leave it in better shape that you found it.

  • Don’t walk on the dunes.

  • Take along a rubbish bag and pick up any litter you find.

  • If you are walking the dog – clean up after them.

  • Don't visit Dolphinariums. For many of us, our first (and sometimes only) encounter with dolphins and whales comes from seeing them in Dolphinariums such as Sea World. Whilst this can be an amazing experience for the customer to see such amazing and intelligent mammals so close up it is not a positive experience for the animal. Whales and dolphins kept in unnatural, cramped environments experience great stress and this impacts drastically on their health. So boycott Dolphinariums and if you want to go a step further, campaign for the release of dolphins and whales where they are kept in captivity. 

  • Enjoyed your Day at the Beach or holiday by the sea? Why not show your appreciation in an easy and practical way by donating £1, £2, £5 or £10 to UK marine conservation projects via Sea-Changers. Just text SEAS10£1 to 70070 to donate make a difference.

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