2016 - Grant Award - £530

The Helford River often called an estuary but more correctly a ria -drowned river valley-is one of the Jewels in Cornwall’s crown.  When the Helford Voluntary Marine Conservation Area was designated thirty years ago the river had extensive Eel grass beds.  Since then due to a combination of factors, natural and man-made, these have diminished substantially.  The Helford Marine Conservation Group, with help and advice from Natural England and Helford River Moorings, proposed a voluntary code for mooring along with three signs protecting an area between Durgan and Toll point from anchoring boats.

These signs were placed on traditional block and tackle buoys.  When the signs were first placed in 2009 they protected a small remnant of eel grass bed.  Our aim is to upgrade from block and tackle to a more eco-friendly type of design that will not damage the eelgrass that has grown around and past them! 

This project, with help from Sea Changers will help pay for the three new buoys and their signs as well as updating our publicity - post cards that we hand out to Yacht Clubs- and information on our website to publicise the zone, the eel grass and why this habitat needs our protection. 

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