2016 - Grant Awarded - £1000.00

Fin Fighters CSS project – The South West Shark Consumption Study.

In May 2016 Fin Fighters established the Citizen Shark Science program (CSS Program) a new way of generating data that will radically enhance scientific studies of Elasmobranch species in the UK and around the Atlantic.

Currently; generating policy and protections for sharks and rays in the North East Atlantic is very difficult, due to a massive lack of data and scientific interest/investment in certain species. Many of these data deficient areas are also heavily over-fished and vulnerable species are directly targeted. One particularly interesting aspect of this is the lack of understanding of current rates of shark consumption in the UK.

In order to address this; Fin Fighters are training a team of Citizen Shark Scientists who will work with us and Phd's/students from Exeter university as well as shark specialists from across  the UK, to not only collect much needed genetic and quantitive data on shark that is currently consumed here, but to also produce a scientific paper with the resulting data outlining species, labelling and sourcing.

Essentially by creating a network of Citizen Shark Scientists to collect data in this way, we are able to fast track new cutting edge scientific studies as well as a establish a network of Phd's and Institutions who will work co-operatively to generate them.


2015 - Grant Awarded - 500.00

Fin Fighters are an ambitious new UK shark conservation organisation; on a mission to protect sharks worldwide and end the sale and distribution of shark fin in the UK by the year 2023. We are creating an extraordinary growing movement of ordinary people working together to make a difference!

Our objective is to mobilise and empower local communities, citizen scientists, and campaign groups to end the destruction of habitat and species in the world’s oceans; through science, education, conservation and action.

The #FFBy2023 campaign follows from our success of officially condemning the sale and distribution of shark fin in Cambridge in 2013; where due to the efforts of our first Fin Fighting community group - Cambridge became the UK's first city to officially condemn shark fin.

Our current city condemnations are cooperative and aim to ensure that the cites at the focus of the campaigns are Fin Free through local engagement; lead by volunteers and community members with our support and encouragement.

We work together to build these local campaigns into larger country-wide networks, gathering political and public support for a massive UK campaign in 2023 asking the government to totally ban the sale and distribution of shark fin in this country.

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