2016 - Grant Award - £334.90

Fathoms Free are a group of volunteer Marine Conservationists, our predominant focus is the removal Marine Debris including Ghost Fishing Gear. We conduct Underwater Litter picks, remove abandoned, lost and discarded fishing gear (ALDFG), conduct beach cleans and take part in public awareness events. We do this whilst working along several other organisations our work is partially funded by World Animal Protection and Global Ghost Gear Initiative (GGGI).

We plan to remove ALDFG from a minimum of 12 sites already identified which require boat access and divers for their removal. These sites have various types of ALDFG upon them and are in different locations and negatively impacting on a range of different habitats. In addition, we plan to undertake 12 above shore line ALDFG retrievals from hard to reach inaccessible coves and beaches using a boat for access.  Usually, these places can create the worst impact for ALDFG as due to their inaccessible nature and ghost gear can remain on them for extended periods of time unnoticed, combined with their sheltered undisturbed nature being perfect for animals such as seals and sea birds. Surveying to identify other sites suffering from ADLFG is an ongoing part of our work.

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