2016 - Grant Award - £990

Surveying the Marine Wildlife of Cornish Marine Conservation Zones

Cornwall Wildlife Trust have coordinated the National Seasearch Dive survey work in Cornwall since 2002. In Summer 2017 with the help of Sea-Changers funding we will be organising two weekends of Seasearch diving in which trained divers will survey vital sites within Cornwall’s network of Marine Protected Areas, the Manacles reef MCZ, and the offshore reefs of the Newquay and the Gannel MCZ.  Divers will record all species and habitats encountered and photos and video will be taken by experienced underwater photographers. The information gathered, images and video will be shared with the public to raise awareness of the importance of these sites, using our significant social media reach, through press releases and by enlisting the help of Cornwall’s unique Your Shore Network of local marine volunteer groups.  All data collected will be shared via NBN and MCS.

When diving in Cornish waters you never know exactly what you will see but we are hoping to document rare seafan anemones, crawfish, nudibranchs, hydroids, sponges and much more! Boat dives will be provided by local companies Atlantic Diver, Newquay and by Porthkerris Divers.  The data collected will be vital for the effecting monitoring of the health of the environment within these new Marine Conservation Zones.

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