Blue Ocean Planet

"I loved the beach cleaning because it was really fun and it felt amazing knowing that I was saving creatures living on the beach from getting caught in things like crisp packets and suffocating. By picking up filthy litter, I knew that I was helping the environment and saving our beaches."

Grants awarded - £500 (2013), £450 (2015)

Blue Ocean Planet's primary aims are to educate, raise awareness and ultimately help protect marine environments and their wildlife as both are essential to the well being of us all.  In the UK, they work in schools to deliver extra curricular lessons and workshops to increase understanding of the marine world. They aim to inspire and engage young people about our precious oceans and our reliance upon them.

2013 - Sea-Changers' funding enabled 150 pupils in Merseyside to take part in Blue Ocean Planet's marine education programme "Be an ocean protector". Each lesson touched upon life within local marine habitats.

2015 -  ‘OUR OCEANS, OUR LIFE’ will provide children with continuity of marine learning and a deeper awareness in ecological education. 


2013 - Pupils learnt that dolphins visit the Mersey, that sharks live in the Mersey and that plankton is the base of the food chain from our local river to the seas. They took river samples and studied plankton using microscopes, and studied life forms on the beach, this resulted in a more rounded  knowledge of the marine web of life.  Whilst on the beach cleans, pupils saw first hand the extent of plastic pollution on their local beaches, and learnt how it got there and the threats it poses to marine life.

Representative pupils have asked to start own projects with BOP, who will monitor and mentor the project for 3 months, starting March 2013.

2015 - this project hasn't been evaluated yet.

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