World Museum Liverpool

"....really good at getting a complex issue over to the whole age range from toddlers through to graduates in a fun and informative way. Something for everyone.

Grant awarded - £500

World Museum Liverpool houses a range of collections, from Egyptian mummies to casts of dinosaur bones, with treasures from around the world.  The Clore Natural History Centre, which hosted the 'Marine Microbes Day' event, houses more than 20,000 of the most unusual and fascinating items from the museum's natural science collections.

The aim of the event was to communicate microscopic marine science in a way that is accessible for families. The day introduced the audience to the major groups of marine microorganisms found in the area, focusing on a range of marine micro communities: phytoplankton, zooplankton, epiphytic and benthos.

Along with using the latest technologies and high powered microscopes to look at the microorganisms, the day included colouring and craft activities for children to inform in a fun, interactive way about life in the seas around them. They made their own marine microbe and then got to look at it close up under the microscope and watch the real thing move. At the same time as the craft, staff were able to engage with both the children and adults about what they where actually making and the importance of the particular microbe they had made within the environment.

Sea-Changers grant allowed funded the production of posters to advertise the event and also the purchase craft material to use in the 'Build a microbe' activity.


Over 900 visitors engaged with the event. They learnt about of the importance of the marine ecosystem; about the array of biodiversity in each drop of water and its importance; and about the importance of Liverpool Bay in sustaining Sites of Special Scientific Interest.


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