Project Seagrass

"The marine biology society had a fantastic time and gained valuable work experience aiding Project Seagrass in current and important seagrass research monitoring seagrass  and fish communities in Porthdinllaen."

Grant awarded - £500

Project Seagrass is a marine conservation charity dedicated to ensuring that seagrass meadows are protected globally, for the biodiversity and people that depend on them.

With the help of Sea-Changers' funding, Project Seagrass volunteers ran a seagrass survey and education workshop in Porthdinlllaen, North Wales, with local community members and Swansea University Marine Biology Society. 

As part of the workshop's development, a training pack was created that includes leaflets, videos and presentations about seagrass. This enables a community group leader or teacher to repeat the session the following year (under strict guidance from Project Seagrass).  The plan is for the programme to develop over time into a seagrass monitoring programme with results published rapidly online on the SeagrassWatch website and the information being publicised to local people.


The Sea-Changers funded session involved a group of 8 students with 3 volunteers to run the session. By conducting the session, Project Seagrass were able to offer seagrass and marine biodiversity education by engaging the students in a variety of seagrass research methods including mapping and fisheries surveys.  As a result, students were trained in fish identification and had exposure to current mapping and monitoring methods, which enhanced their skills. 

This project forms the first part of a wider programme that aims to develop a pan-UK seagrass education programme. The team plans to develop educational materials, including an informative leaflet for all age groups, which can be used in a variety of different environments to help to educate groups on seagrasses, their importance and current threats. This leaflet includes a UK specific identification guide, a map showing the locations of seagrass meadows around the UK and an informative pull-out poster explaining why seagrasses are so important.


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