Porcupine Marine Natural History Society

Grant awarded - £500

The Porcupine Marine Natural History Society (PNMHS) is an informal society interested in marine natural history and recording.

In summer 2014 they teamed up with the Manx Wildlife Trust to address the need for information about marine life within Marine Protected Areas around the Isle of Man. There are a number of sites that have been designated for protection around the island, but for most there is a lack of information on the marine life inhabiting the areas which makes it difficult to properly manage them. 

The project was a five day field meeting of the PNMHS on the Isle of Man in August 2014 which involved local volunteers in gathering data. Twelve divers took part in in the core fieldwork and surveyed a variety of sites - some of which have enjoyed longstanding protection from, for example, bottom towed fishing gear, and others which have been more recently protected. The project also engaged around 20 members of public through a presentation about the Society's work and other local volunteers took part in the inter-tidal bioblitz organised by the Manx Wildlife Trust.

The records we collected were submitted to the National Biodiversity Network via Seasearch and are available for the Wildlife Trust and the Manx Government to manage the local Marine Protected Areas. The money was used to pay for hire of a hall to use as our field laboratory and for a public talks. It also contributed to local transport costs including the boat.


Seasearch data was gathered at twelve underwater sites and intertidal data gathered at one site.  The project generated 300 new, accurate and validated species and habitat records which were made publically available via the National Biodiversity Network. The findings of the surveys were published in the Porcupine Bulletin and by Manx Wildlife Trust.

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