Grant awarded - £500 

MARINElife is a UK-based charity established to coordinate and develop a growing portfolio of global cetacean and seabird research and monitoring projects.

Sea-Changers funding will be used to buy equipmenmt needed for the Lyme Bay Acoustic Survey, the purpose of which is to:

  • Provide an accurate population estimate of each of the main species present.
  • Identify the time of year, in what numbers and in which areas they are present (particularly in relation to white-beaked and bottlenose dolphin).
  • Study the interactions between the different dolphin species.
  • Identify the feeding habits and preferred / important feeding areas in the bay.

A program of transect surveys over 2 years will cover the entire area between Portland Bill and Start Point. The acoustic outputs will also help to:

  • Inform a proposal for dolphin conservation in Lyme Bay which takes into account individual species needs and which can be used to provide input to local marine management planning.
  • Support development of methodologies for utilizing acoustic survey methods of this type in other survey areas / other projects.
  • Build our engagement with other users of Lyme Bay including skippers, fishing boats, leisure users, governmental bodies and local marine NGO’s.


There have been problems getting the project off the ground so outcome data is not available yet.


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