Grant awarded - £570

We have a variety of incredible shark and ray species that call the Dorset coast home, many of which are sadly on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species.

The majority of the general public do not know that these species are here, or that they need help. This project will use footage of locally filmed shark and ray species to raise their public profile, and educate the public on their existence, and the threats that they face. Simultaneously, SharkStuff will be collecting distribution, abundance and habitat use data for threatened species, which can be used to inform their local management. They'll be using Baited Remote Underwater Video (BRUVs) to collect footage at several locations around the Dorset coast, and will share the findings with relevant local and national stakeholders, as well as showing the local community and general public just how lucky we are to share our seas with these amazing animals.


This project is still running and hasn't been evaluated yet.

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