Shark Trust

Grant awarded - £400

The waters surrounding the British Isles are home to over 70 species of shark, skate and ray (hereafter ‘sharks’) where, as top predators, they play integral roles in maintaining the health and balance of marine ecosystems. Until recently, the common perception was that sharks and shark populations were robust and resilient; we now know this is not the case with 27% of shark species in British waters listed as threatened.

Sharks are widely regarded as ‘fighting fish’ by anglers, who may target almost all species found in British waters, with no regulations or restrictions on handling. While ‘catch and release’ is the predominant ethos, a growing body of international research is revealing concerning rates of post-release mortality for certain shark species due to internal and external injuries, as well as physiological stress.

In keeping with its long-standing support of responsible angling, the Shark Trust will produce a high-quality poster raising awareness of sharks’ vulnerability to non-optimal angling practices. The poster will be distributed to tackle shops, sea-angling clubs and fishing charters in key shark angling regions throughout the UK, encouraging a shift towards ‘best practice’ when catching, handling and releasing sharks. 


This project is still running and hasn't been evaluated yet.

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