Craignish Community Project

Grant awarded - £500

The Craignish Community Company is a charity working to improve the quality of life for all residents of Craignish by tackling economicsocial and environmental issues in an integrated and sustainable way.

The funding was used to build a mink proof raft and site it off Eiln Inshaig in Loch Craignish with the aim of encouraging common terns  to return to the area to nest. Sea-Changers grant was used to fit out the raft in such a way that it was both predator proof and attractive to terns seeking a nesting site.


"The tern raft is alive and well! It has had a few mods done to it on the advice of Dr. Clive Craik who instigated and runs the very successful tern raft on Loch Creran. However in spite of all this no terns have come back to Loch Craignish as yet, which is very sad. I am a volunteer in the BTO’s ‘WeBs’ scheme and as such do a monthly count along about a 5 mile length of Loch Craignish, but I have not seen a tern here for quite a few years now. Thanks to an extensive trapping programme there are fewer mink so we are hopeful that one day terns will return."


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