National Lobster Hatchery

"By providing this grant, Sea-changers have helped reduce the charity’s financial burden and contributed to making this one of our most successful seasons."

Grants awarded - £500 in 2012, £836 in 2013, £499 in 2014

The National Lobster Hatchery is a marine conservation, research and education charity based in Padstow, Cornwall. Their primary aim is to help conserve the vulnerable lobster populations and preserve coastal marine biodiversity.

The NLH operate an innovative stock enhancement program which involves raising lobsters through their most vulnerable stages, then releasing them back into the wild when they have a better chance of natural survival. The project is adding additional stock to our existing lobster populations while helping us to understand how to effectively re-stock a fishery should it experience population collapse.  To date the charity has released over 100,000 lobsters and studies show survival rates to be very high.

The grants provided by Sea-Changers in 2012 and 2013 have helped fund vital components required to ensure healthy larval and juvenile rearing and the ultimate success of the NLH re-stocking project. These include larval food and regular water tests, to ensure the systems have the appropriate chemical and physical quantities for optimal survival rates and food for maternal brood-stock whilst they are at the hatchery. By supporting the NLH, Sea-Changers are playing a significant part in a project that is ultimately contributing to the future health and sustainability of the world's oceans.

More recently, in 20145, we helped to fund NLH's education resource for younger visitors 'Claude gets his Claws' which helps to explain what the charity does and the importance of sustainable fisheries.  The book is published by NLH and the profits feed back into the lobster stock enhancement programme.


Over 20,000 lobsters were released during 2013 with around 3,000 baby lobsters still within the hatchery ready for release (at January 2014). By providing a grant to fund food for the NLH maternal brood stock and essential water testing, Sea-Changers have assisted NLH's capacity to raise and release baby lobsters into their local waters with impressive results.

By January 2015, NLH had sold 122 copies of 'Claude gets his claws'. NLH attended the Fowey Festival of Books & Words, Family Fun Weekend in 2015 and 'Claude gets his Claws' was 1 of the 3 books that were showcased over the weekend.  

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