Community Seagrass Initiative

Grant Award - £500

 Seagrass is one of the world’s only marine flowering plants; they create large meadows in shallow waters on sandy seabed. The meadows act like an underwater rainforest, providing shelter for all sorts of marine species (including seahorses, cuttlefish and young commercial fish), on an otherwise featureless seabed.

The Community Seagrass Initiative (CSI) is a citizen science project aiming to raise awareness of seagrass habitats in the South West of England. One of the seagrass meadows the project is studying grows within the Fleet Lagoon, Dorset. The Fleet Lagoon is one of the most highly protected bodies of water in Europe and the seagrass growing there supports a rich variety of marine and bird life. Building on work already carried out by Natural England, the CSI have been carrying out frequent monitoring of this seagrass and it seems to be rapidly declining.

This Sea-Changers grant will help to continue to assess and monitor the current state of the seagrass in the Fleet Lagoon as well as researching potential causes for the decline. This ensures stakeholders and decision makers are fully informed when making decisions about future management of the Fleet Lagoon.


This project is still running and hasn't been evaluated yet. 

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