Sidmouth in Bloom

Grant awarded - £50

Sidmouth in Bloom (SIB) is a voluntary group that aims to raise the horticultural, environmental and community awareness throughout the town.

SIB volunteers had noticed that sea beet and horned poppies grew in a shingle area near Sidmouth beach, but also knew that weed killer was regularly applied to the area by the East Devon District Council (EDDC) Streetscene Beach Managers.

SIB met with the EDDC and were granted permission to take over the care of what was to become ‘Oceanscene’, the beach garden - a completely new venture.  SIB started by training some Friends of SIB to help clear out the domestic weeds such as dock, dandelion and plantain, and to protect the emerging native shingle plants.  A small A4 notice was erected on a post to inform people about the plants. After a few months the Department for the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and Devon Plant Heritage Group started to take an interest. The area has been landscaped with locally reclaimed wood and a disused boat.  What were once a few poppies seen hiding in the shingles have now lead Sidmouth to become guardians of a special site that is being cared and talked about by not just SIB but all community and environmental volunteer groups in Sidmouth.


In March a launch event was held with members of local groups and Anne Swithinbank, TV star and noted local horticulturist.  The event was picked up by local media.

A new professional information board is now standing, telling the readers about the endemic coastal plants and their heritage to the foods we eat.

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