"Seems there was a real need to consolidate and celebrate marine-related activities and promote marine resources in our local area."

Newquay Marine Group

Grants awarded - £460 in 2013, £500 in 2014, £1000 in 2015

Set up in 2013 by a group of passionate locals, Newquay Marine Group is a community run conservation group that works to protect Newquay’s coastline for the future and to shout about the incredible life that shares our shores.

2013 - the Sea-Changers grant was used to produce a logo, badges and window-stickers designed for the group. The badges have been given away to local children at public events and the window-stickers advising the sale of sustainable local seafood are starting to be displayed in local cafes. NMG have also had a banner printed to identify their stand at events. The money enabled them to have a leaflet designed, with information about local wildlife and conservation activities. All 500 of these have been taken by members of the public at local events! They have used the money to buy equipment to run public events (tables etc.) and to buy stand space at the 2013 Newquay Fish Festival.

2014 - the group’s focus for 2014 was on data-collection and best-evidencing the case for the proposed Marine Conservation Zone in the Newquay area. Sea-Changers grant money was used for training and capacity-building group members to be able do this as effectively and accurately as possible and to share information and help build stewardship with the local community. Regular dive/intertidal and shore surveys were run every month from April- October. New biotopes and priority species records for stalked-jellies and giant blennys were recorded, verified and submitted from the Newquay area for the first time- all adding to the understanding and need to protect this beautiful environment for the future.

2015 - NMG ran a pilot project to work within public outreach and business to business relationships. The two parts of the project included:

  • The development of a marine education programme: recruiting and training beach rangers to engage and educate the public on the wonders of the ocean and the problem of marine litter.
  • Establishing relationships with businesses in town through market research in the hope of reducing litter and encouraging the use of sustainable packaging.


NMG now has 403 supporters (up from 103 when Sea-Changers awarded the grant).

A key unforeseen benefit of this project has been to attract in-kind support to the group from other parties following the Sea-Changers support e.g. meeting room and event donation, £6000-worth of dive training and surveys from a local operator, Wildlife Trust training, Cornwall College expertise, promotion of our work by other local businesses and restaurants etc.

Support and attendance for NMG events and activities has been overwhelming and far-exceeded expectations. Seems there was a real need to consolidate and celebrate marine-related activities and promote marine resources in our local area that has not been done before. The great challenge now is to maintain momentum and ensure that there is enough active support to continue the great work they have started.

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