2015 - Grant Awarded - £1000    

Formed in 1997, the CRRU is a small non-profit research organisation based in northeast Scotland dedicated to the welfare, conservation and protection of whales, dolphins and porpoises (cetaceans) through scientific investigation, environmental education, and the provision of a 24 hour veterinary service for sick, injured and stranded individuals.

In co-operation with universities, research institutions and international environmental agencies, principal studies focus on the coastal cetaceans frequenting the Moray Firth, providing baseline scientific data for the adoption of long-term management measures and conservation strategies for their protection. 

The grant received from Sea-Changers will be used to further our understanding of the ecology and habitat requirements of coastal minke whales in the Scottish Moray Firth, by supporting ongoing focal studies of these whales by the CRRU research team to inform and assist in the implementation of the first ever Marine Protected Area proposed for these whales in UK inshore waters.  Raising awareness of these magnificent animals in our UK waters and the threats they currently face is fundamental to this project, connecting with the core objectives of the Sea-changers mission statement.

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