2015 Grant Award - £450


Our marine education school project is part of our continuing efforts in the ‘Ocean Protector Programme’ providing skills and enhancing knowledge about local marine issues. We inspire our young people to respect and love all the natural world, and specifically marine ecosystems with a long term aim to give guidance and mentoring on participant’s own projects. Our intention is to promote ‘stewardship’ and ‘responsibility’ in local communities to benefit that community and local coastal environments. We approach this by adopting ecologically intelligent behaviour patterns and encouraging all round involvement through ‘hands on creative’ initiatives.

We want to expand and achieve more continuity, providing a platform for future generations to understand their natural environment and its crucial importance to sustainability. We aim, also, to improve the overall well-being of our participants in purposeful activities outdoors, away from the TV, and sedentary pursuits. ‘OUR OCEANS, OUR LIFE’ will provide children with this continuity and a deeper awareness in ecological education. Our holistic ideology invites healthy pursuits, outdoor activities which is both empowering and motivational in the long-term.       


2013 Grant award - £500

This Marine Education programme, aimed at 150 pupils and sponsored by Sea Changers is part of an on-going project, ‘Be an Ocean Protector’(BOP).It will introduce 5 schools to take part in free marine sessions at the local coastline. BOP will provide skills, deepen knowledge and inspire young people to respect and love the oceans, with a long term aim to give mentoring on their own projects. Our aims are to enable participants to Identify local and global marine species and habitats, identify threats to their survival and discuss possible community solutions. Pupils will take part in ‘Beach Cleans’ which demonstrate dramatically the huge problem of plastic pollution. Using specific targets for individual schools we aim to reduce use of plastic bags and bottles.

Planned Modules include Marine mammal identification, Seashores, Nature Detective Days  and after school Marine Eco Clubs which include; plankton sampling, food chains, ‘connectedness’ showing how our behaviour impacts upon ocean ecosystems and how to ‘Be an Ocean Protector.’ We shall provide use of mini ROV to explore local sea microhabitats.

Start date 8th Sept.  Scope 8 weeks.

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