Sea-Changers is a charity with the mission of raising thousands of pounds for marine conservation charities primarily in the UK.
Our approach is flexible.  
  • Our primary model is an opt-out donation, made as  an addition to a sea-user's bill.
  • We will work with retailers to find other models that suit their business.
  • Whatever the mechanism, the retailer collects this money and hands it back to Sea-Changers.
  • We distribute this money to a range of projects and charities, where it is used to make a big difference to marine conservation.   
100% of retailer donations will be passed on to charities, with no administration costs subtracted.
Our vision is to create a world where the seas and shores are clean and healthy, marine species are protected and where, far from damaging the oceans, those who use the sea for their leisure pursuits, positively contribute to the sustainability of the marine environment.
We aim to harness the energy, good will and resources of sea-users to create a sea-change in the level of funds available for marine conservation.
Sea-Changers is run by volunteers and all development/running costs to carry out our fundraising work are raised through fundraising events such as eBay auctions, sponsored events, and individual donations. We have also been very fortunate to have the support of several businesses who have undertaken marketing, and printing work for us on a pro bono basis.  If you like what we are doing and want to help us to continue please make a donation.

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