How will we tell customers about Sea-Changers?

Sea-Changers will provide customers with access to information via:

  • Our own website.
  • Your website.
  • Information cards/publicity which will be provided to all participating businesses.

Sea-Changers will provide an information pack for the businesses’s customer facing staff. We will also work with businesses to assist them in developing wording for their corporate responsibility documents or web pages, which will explain why they have made a commitment to Sea-Changers.

How will the administration of the 'opt in' donation model work?

The administration process of the 'opt in' donation model will depend on how the transaction is made.

  • Electronic tills can record donations, so administration is minimal. Just calculate the total amount at the end of each month and pass it to us. Tills can normally be programmed with an additional code which will add the donation on to the transaction after VAT has been added; so this does not affect your VAT returns.
  • When it comes to telephone transactions, customers will be asked at the end of the transaction if they would like to make an optional donation to Sea-Changers. Sea-Changers will provide a brief script for sales representatives to refer to when explaining this to customers. If the customer agrees to this, transactions will then be processed as with till receipts.
  • Internet transactions would record donations automatically, much like the electronic till, so administration is again minimal. Just collect the total amount at the end of each month and pass it on to us.

Do we have to operate the ‘opt in’ model?

We think the 'opt in' model is probably the most effective way to raise funds, but we are happy to explore other fundraising models with retailers and businesses. These could include:

  • Offering a link to Sea-Changers’ webpages and donation page via the businesses website with the following statement: “We are committed to marine conservation. We support Sea-Changers and commit to match any donations made by our customers via their website. Just follow this link and identify that you are one of our customers and we will match your donation.”
  • Donate one of your services, products or a gift voucher to Sea-Changers as a future raffle/contest prize.
  • Have one of our collection boxes in your shops.
  • Annual fundraising/awareness raising events. These would generate publicity/awareness of marine conservation issues as well as funds.
  • Fundraising through an employee payroll giving scheme.

Will we receive any financial rewards from Sea-Changers?

100% of all funds collected by the retailer for Sea-Changers go directly to Sea-Changers. Retailers receive no payment either from the customer or from Sea-Changers for operating the scheme.

How is Sea-Changers' operation funded?

Sea-Changers is run on an entirely voluntary basis. Administration costs are paid for through sponsored events and individual donations. Sea-Changers is currently seeking a commercial sponsorship/grant funding.

How do we get started?

If you are interested in discussing a partnership arrangement with Sea-Changers, we will provide:

  • A set up meeting/conversation.
  • A written agreement covering a clear explanation of arrangement entered into.
  • Support materials/information packs.
  • On-going support.
  • Publicity.

Can we choose where the funds go to?

Sea-Changers have identified a number of key marine conservation areas that their work will support. Some specialist businesses may prefer money to be allocated to areas of particular interest to their customers. This can potentially be arranged through identifying and allocating funding restrictions. 

Why don’t I just give money directly to one of the other charities you support?

Sea-Changers is supportive of anyone giving money directly to marine conservation organisations and, if this is what you prefer to do, that is great. Sea-Changers aims to increase the total amount of money being donated to marine conservation work by approaching and developing relationships with as many retailers as we can. Many other charities simply do not have the time or resources to undertake this fundraising work and Sea-Changers is filling a much needed gap through this fundraising work.

What Do I Do Next?

If you are interested in becoming a partner to Sea-Changers, or finding out more about our organisation, please contact Helen Webb or sign up via our website.

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